Ramo (TR)

“I’ve spent just two third of my life being a DeeJay which makes almost 30 years. My adventure has started by preparing mixtapes for my friends in primary school and it continues with tango DJing as it has been for the last 13 years. After performing at thousands of events, clubs, festivals and so on, I’m here! And ready to give my all to entertain you!”

John Yingren Tan (UK)

“I used to be a ordinary man who doesn’t do any dancing or music related activities, however few years ago I have been diagnosed and suffered from a chronic tango addiction, transformed me into a fanatic milonguero. Finding the cure, I am currently undergoing a daily high dosage of tango music prescription to ease this illness.

My DJ inspirations come from the dancers; the responses from the dance floor instigate the music I play. I always like to make things simple, music I play range from guardia vieja to the epoca de oro and always involve a wide variety of the newer tango from 1950 / 60s.

I like to create waves between songs and tandas, strong rhythm and high energy. 

I am determined to let the dancer feel the sentiments of every piece of the classic I play, sharing the most precious 12 minutes with their partners within a tanda.

It is not important what I play, I normally let the dancers decide what to come next, I only help to create the best moment for everyone. The only thing I dictate is when the dancers stop dancing in milonga, but this is something that I will never let them, because I play for the dancers and the true dancers only.”

Santiago Onel (UY/NL)

Santiago is originally from Uruguay, where he started with tango 21 years ago. Since then, he has been active as a dancer, teacher, and DJ in different countries. He is currently living in the Netherlands, where he regularly musicalizes. He believes that tango (including DJing) is a never-ending learning process. His musical choices always look to touch the heart of the milongueros and milongueras and keep them on the dance floor.

While being a big fan of traditional sound, I also enjoy experimenting with the modern interpretations of the classics.

As a glad member of TipoTango Scala House DJs, I also played in milongas in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Venlo and Krefeld and surely Istanbul.

La Gata Negra (TR/NL)

From the very beginning, music has been the most important aspect of Hilal´s Tango. She started to learn Tango DJing while taking classes and practicing her first steps. Within a short time, she was DJing at local Tango events in Porto.

Since 2013 she has been living in Leiden, The Netherlands and DJing regularly at national and international events. Her DJ nickname La Gata Negra was given by her peers at Milonga Los Locos in Amsterdam due to her admiration for black cats. 

DJ La Gata Negra loves creating a romantic, passionate and joyful atmosphere during the milonga. She carefully chooses her tandas in harmony with the dancers and maintains a positive and heartwarming mood till the end. 

Tonada (NL)

Tonado means musicality and is also a rhythm in Argentinian culture like tango Vals and Milonga. DJ Tonada has been studying for more than 17 years, dancing and playing Tango every year for 3 months in Buenos Aires and many times as an invited guest DJ in the European Milongas. His style of DJing is Buenos Aires Epoca de Oro.

“Since 2006 we (Ton and Ada) have been going to Buenos Aires for 3 months a year, in addition to dancing, to study the language, music and history. I learned a lot from the great DJs, talks with orchestra leaders and descendants of the legends (including Canaro and Pugliese ). I have been also often invited to play in the milongas in Buenos Aires, with the typical energy of the moment. It is always a pleasure to be able to share this world heritage with passion.”